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Charge your iPhone, or any two USB devices with ZAGGsparq

David Winograd

In the never ending saga of finding the best battery backup for your iPhone or iPod touch, Zagg has taken a different approach in releasing the ZAGGsparq [US $99.95]. Instead of a dongle or a snap in case, The ZAGGsparq is a big honking block, around the size of an Airport Express that contains the largest lithium polymer backup battery I've seen weighing in at 6000 mAh. For reference, the two Monoprice pieces we covered contain 2200 mAh batteries. The battery in an iPhone is 1150 mAh, so the ZAGGsparq is good for up to four iPhone/iPod touch charges. Running the numbers it seems like it should be about 5 charges, but I never said that I understood electricity.

The beauty of the piece is that it can charge two USB devices at the same time. So along with your iPhone, it's also good for your Bluetooth headset, video camera or just about any USB device that needs some juice. Four LED lights tell you how much power remains. You can also plug the ZAGGsparq into a wall, plug in two USB devices, and all three will charge at the same time. This gives you quite a bit of flexibility and helps explain the fairly high price of the unit. Currently ZAGG is sold out, but you can score one on eBay where they seem to be quite plentiful.

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