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Making it as an MMO blogger: Part 2, page 3

Shawn Schuster

A bright-eyed blogger comes up to you at a convention and begs for some simple advice. What do you say?

David Bass: Just write about what you enjoy. Some people like having a focused blog on one topic, others prefer to speak their mind about whatever issue they're having at the moment. There's no "right" way to do it, just make it your own. Be honest, be interesting, and have something to say. Readers notice very quickly if you're just writing for the sake of putting something out there, and that's not enjoyable for anyone. Be yourself, and have fun with it.

Shaun Brodie: Network, network, network. Make sure to read and post to the forums. Hang out in IRC. Keep your finger on the pulse of the community, and talk about what they want to talk about. Chances are, it's the same thing you want to talk about anyways, but talking to them means that you're more informed and can advocate for them better.

Sean Kauppinen: Send me an email and tell me where you want to be in 5 years. How can I help you?

Tami Baribeau: First I say kudos for going to a convention. This is the biggest thing a blogger can do, is NETWORK. Read and comment on as many other blogs as you can. Be yourself, be creative, be unique. Interact with your readers, make sure to reply to them in the comments and actually engage your community. When you reach out to game companies, be respectful, patient, cordial, and don't get your hopes up. If you get turned down, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try again in the future. Write about things no one else is writing about. Write to grow a community, not just for yourself. Be honest and relevant.

"Network, network, network."

Tricia Jenkins: Keep doing what you're doing! Bloggers who work directly with developers and publishers for stories can gain a lot of traction for their site.

If they're interested in "breaking into" the industry – working as a PR specialist or games journalist-they've probably already got a really good background on the industry and recent games, so interviewing, writing and building those relationships can only help.

Wonder Russell:
Cultivate critical reviewing and writing skills, and read the Massively article Shawn Schuster put together.

Regina Buenaobra:
• Write regularly and keep your writing sharp
• Be creative; always look for a unique angle on how you can write about something
• Be true to your voice
• Speak to what you know
• Promote yourself intelligently and organically
• Cultivate your readership, but don't feel as if you need to pander to them
• Integrity is important
• Avoid gossip and sensationalism

EM Stock: Write well – the better you represent yourself via the written word, the more people will trust you. Be honest, be constructive, and be willing to let us reach out to you privately and address any statements you've made or opinions you've voiced that we feel are coming from an uneducated point of view. If you are willing to do this, we will do everything in our power to support you by listing your blog on our website, informing you of the latest game related news, and granting you exclusive content like screenshots and interviews whenever possible.

Meghan Rodberg: Here's my email address – keep in touch and let me know what you're up to; don't blog in a vacuum. :)

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