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PS3 worldwide sales cross 30 million


Adding up Sony's quarterly sales numbers for the PS3, including the 6.5 million Q3 sales it announced yesterday, Shacknews arrived at a new estimate for the console's life-to-date sales total: 33.71 million units. That's just about half of the Wii's most recent total of 67.45 million, and about 86% of the Xbox 360's recently-announced 39 million. The gap is narrowing!

The year-over-year sales of the PS3 are increasing (or, at least, they increased), with 13 million sold worldwide in fiscal 2009 versus 10.1 million in fiscal 2008. That's only going to increase in 2010, as everyone is forced to buy a second PS3 so the console will appear in stereoscopic 3D even while no 3D games are being played.

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