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Steam: Pre-order Metro 2033, get Red Faction Guerrilla free


With a Steam pre-purchase of THQ's upcoming Metro 2033 (which releases March 16) for $50, deal-seekers will also nab Red Faction Guerrilla for free. The Red Planet Revolution sim is regularly priced at $20 -- but, you know, the right Steam sale comes along and that price drops like a Martian communications tower.

Our recent hands-on with Metro 2033 gave us a "good" vibe, but we definitely need more time with the game to see if the feeling lasts. Red Faction Guerrilla, however, made it onto five Joystiq editors' "Best of the Rest" of 2009 lists, and it's totally worth picking up -- even if you have to pay for it.

[Via 1UP]

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