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Toshiba's Viamo is the tablet your doctor has been dreaming of

Tim Stevens

Convertible tablets are a dime a dozen in the laptop space, but very, very few of them can save your life. Toshiba's Viamo is the one that could -- when used by someone who knows how to control it, that is. It's a portable ultrasound device that has some tactile knobs and buttons for the old-school practitioners, but can be entirely controlled by that touchscreen, which folds flat. Sure, it isn't as portable as other ultrasound machines we've seen before, but it certainly looks quite a bit more advanced, and this one mounts on a pole for easy wheeling around your busy ER -- important when helicopters crash into your roof, ambulances explode out front, and two doctors madly in love need to make a little room. Viamo is newly approved by the FDA and so is now available in the US at a cost that we wouldn't hazard to guess at.

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