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LG KM555e Clubby sets record for most awesomely-named phone

Chris Ziegler

Just when you thought the Corby's title was secure, along comes Samsung's archrival LG with the KM555e Clubby -- a phone whose meaningless, perfectly trademarkable name knows no limits of awesomeness. Apart from built-in support for LG's Music Club track download service, we're not sure what makes this thing so "clubby" -- it's just a midrange full-touch dumbphone with a WQVGA display, 3 megapixel cam, and Dolby Mobile tech on board -- but seriously, with a name like that, does it matter? We submit that it does not. If you happen to be in Russia, it's available now for 9,990 rubles (about $329) in your choice of black, purple, or silver.

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