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Sakamoto: Other M shows 'human side' of Samus

Other than knowing it's a thing, details of Nintendo and Team Ninja's collabrotive effort to bring Samus back into 2D space in Metroid: Other M are slim. In the current issue of Famitsu, a one-page interview with Metroid co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto didn't reveal much in the way of new information but the legendary creator did say the upcoming game will focus on Samus Aran's "human side."

The complete Metroid: Other M experience is being produced by three teams: Nintendo will continuously peek over the shoulder of Team Ninja (presumably to ensure very few bouncy-bikini shots appear in the final game) while D-Rockets will handle the title's movie sequences. The computer-generated movie sequences in Metroid: Other M are one of the methods Sakamoto says players will learn more about Samus Aran's emotional side. "She's a strong woman, but she also has a fragile side. We want to make a game whose charms can be felt from the story areas and these human touches as well," he said.

Before you begin to cringe, Sakamoto clarified that he's well aware of the core of the Metroid franchise. "It's an action game, but it's capable of having a clear emotional side." Emotionality that you can view, after the break. Metroid: Other M is expected to hit the Wii later this year.

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