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Breakfast Topic: That damned race/class combo you can never find

Brian Wood

In every holiday that has you chase after a specific race/class combo, there's always that one, that elusive combo that makes the whole thing feel like a snipe hunt. For the Love is in the Air holiday, the Fistful of Love achievement requires us to shower 11 specific race/class combos with rose petals.

By the end of the holiday, you'll inevitably be wanting to give a fistful of something to one combo, and it sure ain't love.

For me it's the troll rogue. I swear they don't really exist, and it's just a cruel prank played on us by Blizzard. I've even gone so far as to stage a James Bondesque infiltration of the Horde district, complete with helicopters and a dashing dwarf parachuting onto rooftops. It's not that they just aren't out in public, but that they don't frickin' exist at all!

On the other hand, as a dwarf hunter, I know what it feels like to be the hunted. I do get sick of being constantly showered with petals at times. I even found myself hanging out in out of the way places and disguising myself as a ninja to avoid it. Perhaps I am someone else's troll rogue.

What race/class combo is your curse? Have you found yourself hiding from achievement seekers, and if so, how?

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