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Cryptic clarifies what one million accounts actually means

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

As Eliot pointed out yesterday, when Cryptic announced that they had reached one million registered accounts, it paid to look at the announcement a bit more closely. What exactly is a registered account? Does a registered account mean that someone purchased Star Trek Online? Is it a beta tester? Maybe just a forum account?

We weren't the only ones wondering about this. More than one reader was curious about the phrasing the press release: "Already, over 1 million Star Trek fans have created accounts at the official websites." IncGamers was able to get a response from Cryptic regarding the specifics of the release, minus the lingo.

While the phrase "Star Trek fans" led many people to assume that the press release referred to Star Trek Online accounts only. The press release actually referred to Cryptic accounts -- which are required to play not only Star Trek Online, but Champions Online as well.

One million registered accounts is a milestone worth mentioning in any situation, but it's always helpful to know for certain what we're congratulating.

[Thanks Bill!]

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