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Five tips on being a better agent in Global Agenda pt. 2


Always bring a gun to a knife fight

Melee battles in Global Agenda are short bursts of tactical combat. Yet, whenever a melee weapon is drawn, people seem to think that they have to melee. It's like tunnel vision -- they get so locked into fighting with a melee weapon that they don't think of other options.

One of the cruelest tricks to do to a person when you're soloing them in melee combat is to use a gun at worst moment possible. This moment, thank goodness, is really easy to see: when they're spamming their weapon's shield.

People will turn to the shield if you're getting in too many melee hits or if you surprised them with a few backstabs. Remember, don't keep smashing your melee weapon against someone's shield -- it just reflects damage back on you and renders you useless. However, melee shields do not block bullets. So, if someone is shield spamming, teach them not to be dumb and pull out a close ranged weapon on them. Once your bullets start ripping them apart through their shield, then they might remember they have a gun too.

You have devices, spam them

"When you keep the other people on your team alive, you'll find that your team is much more successful over all."

While this is important for everyone, it's doubly important for robotics: spam your cooldown abilities. These things are not only really, really useful, but they also have internal energy packs. Any cooldown ability does not draw from your main power pool, leaving you free to use them even if you're energy screwed.

In the case of robotics, your devices are your class. Turrets, force field walls, medical crates and much more are how you defend your teammates and keep points captured. They are not that useful when you go lone wolf on your squad. Work with your team to defend their actions, not set up offenses of your own. When you keep the other people on your team alive, you'll find that your team is much more successful over all.

A point in jetpacks is a point in victory

Lastly, there's one talent point that every class has in their balanced tree: Jetpack Energy Reduction. Get it. Don't lie to yourself and say you don't need it -- you do. Too many people in Global Agenda forget that the game has maps that can be played vertically as well as horizontally. Plus, having a jetpack that consumes less energy means that you can get to where you need to go and still be able to defend yourself when you get there.

Lastly, jetpacks don't just get you from point A to point B faster than running. They make you a harder target to hit too. They even let you get into great positions for ambushes. In any case, I think I've made my point. Getting that single talent will let you be a more effective player. Go for it.

Always remember to think outside the box and work with your team

If there's anything to learn from these tips overall, it's to think outside the box. Approaching Global Agenda as a cut-and-dry third-person shooter can result in you eating futuristic pavement for 20 minutes during a match.

Work together with your team to create unified assaults. Find creative uses for your powers, like drawing turret fire or using your jetpack to get into a hidden ambush position. Finally, remember to work together to overcome obstacles. The other team may be entrenched now, but a few well timed EMP and Fire Bombs from your recons crossed with two assaults coming charging in with the support of medics and robotics might just turn the tide of battle.

Oh, and one more sentence of wisdom -- Shoot the damn medics! (Link NSFW)

[Managing Editor's note: Hey! Leave us medics alone!]

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