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Five tips on being a better agent in Global Agenda


When it comes to action-based shooters like Global Agenda, gear is good but skill is better. Way better. Even the most technologically endowed enemies can come crashing down with a little teamwork and creative ingenuity.

But if you're new to the game, new to action-based shooters, or just not doing so hot in your PvP matches, then you might need some help. That's where we come in.

After playing a huge amount of PvP, PvE, and a decent amount of AvA in Global Agenda, I've found that many players make a few common mistakes. So, while I know this article will result in more deaths for me, I want to help all of you avoid these common mistakes and play a better game.

You want the green health bubble

One of the weirdest things for shooter players to get use to is the idea that enemies drop little spheres of survivability upon death. Each time a player goes down, they leave behind a green health orb which will heal anyone who crosses over it.

"The turret is one of the most powerful abilities of the robotics class, but it's vulnerable to a huge disability -- being stupid."

What does this mean for you? It means that a class can survive on its own, or in dangerous situations, without the aid of a medic. Sometimes, even when the odds are stacked against you, it's better to stand and fight than to run and attempt to heal with your rest ability. If you think you can take someone down in a fight, take them down and use the health bubble that drops to continue the battle with any remaining enemies.

Also, if you're at full health and run over a health bubble, it will recharge your energy instead. This is great for recons who are spending time in stealth, as you can take the health to get your energy back while staying cloaked.

People are smart, turrets are dumb

The word on the street is that the robotics class is overpowered. While that's true to some degree, it doesn't mean that the class is without weak spots that can be exploited.

The turret is one of the most powerful abilities of the robotics class, but it's vulnerable to a huge disability -- being stupid. Turrets do not always fire at the right targets of opportunity, they fire at whatever is available. So, when a robotics player is entrenched and it looks like there's no good way to get to him, start distracting the turret.

Two great abilities for drawing fire are the assault's invincibility shield and the recon's decoy device. With the assault, just send him charging in and then activate the shield. They can't attack, but the turrets will lock on and fire on a single target until it dies. So, just let the assault take the hits while you deal with the turrets. With the recon's decoy, the decoy emits a magnetic field that draws turrets to fire at it over all other targets. It's a great way to draw fire away from other team members temporarily while you do your dirty work.

Oh, by the way, hitting a turret from behind with a melee weapon results in a backstab just like it does with a player. That can be incredibly useful when you need a turret destroyed ASAP.

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