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Free Realms reaches 8 million registered accounts, nominated in Game Developer's Choice Awards


No matter which way you spin it, 8 million accounts is a ton of accounts. Free Realms has recently hit that magical milestone, celebrating a huge amount of fan interest in the game and a recent nomination for Best New Social/Online game in the Game Developer's Choice Awards. In fact, it's the only traditional MMO to be nominated for an award this year (outside of Nexon's Dungeon Fighter Online.)

As usual with our "account milestone" announcements, 8 million players is not the number of active players in the game. It's just the number of accounts that have been signed up on the Free Realms website. However, even if only 1% of those accounts were active, that's still 80,000 accounts playing the game -- a number you still should not scoff at.

So congratulations to SOE on your recent account milestone, and good luck in the Game Developer's Choice awards! Beat out Farmville for us!

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