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New Dragon Age in early 2011 on consoles, handhelds & PC


If you're pacing out your Dragon Age playing to ensure that you have a steady drip of elfin lovemaking and epic dragon fighting, here's a bit of new info to consider for your tactics: EA is planning to launch a new Dragon Age title in Q4 of its fiscal 2011, which, in real-world time, falls between January 1 and March 31, 2011. The sequel is far from a surprise, given that EA has also announced that global sell-in (read: shipments) of Dragon Age: Origins has reached 3.2 million units.

Intriguingly, EA currently lists "Dragon Age Title TBA" (that's what it's called at the moment) for consoles, PC and handhelds -- which could mean either handheld game devices (think: DS and/or PSP), cell phones or both. Whatever platforms it appears on, expect the game to be super hot. Assuming, of course, this is the real sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and not a spin-off.

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