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Retailers still receiving Wiis, demand outpacing slowed supply


There's no question: retail has a serious lack of Wiis, once again. Yes, this is 2010, but you wouldn't be wrong in thinking it feels more like 2008. Following up on several tips over the past month about online and retail Wii "shortages," the best we can discover is that supply is still coming in to retailers, but that demand is exceeding it -- it's that same old Wii song we've heard for years.

"We're still getting [Wii] in, but it's just slow. We've tried getting more from other stores in our district, but we're just selling out too fast," a Best Buy employee told Joystiq. One GameStop manager claimed this supply issue happens every year after Christmas and estimated things will get better in mid-February. Other retailers echoed: supply is still coming in, but selling out fast. Online stores, like Amazon and NewEgg, aren't faring any better.

We've requested comment from Nintendo a couple times on this issue, but the House of Mario is staying mum. We've also requested official comment from all the major retailers, but have not received a response. If you know someone looking for a Wii, the best we can do is repeat the same advice we've been giving for years: just keep calling your local retailer and ask when it'll receive more stock.

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