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The Tattered Notebook: Roleplaying advice for veterans and newbies alike pt. 2


Don't hog the scene
Glad you can read between the lines.
I can't emphasize this one enough. If you're obviously not the main character in a plotline, don't hog the space. Instead, be a good supporting character and understand that your role may be to aid another in their personal conflict, not make the whole story suddenly be all about you.
When you find me in Norrath, hail me as follows:
The best example I can give regarding this is the concept of supporting actors in a play. The lead actors may be amazing, but that doesn't mean anything if the extras on stage are talking on their cellphones or trying to constantly butt into the conversation. Plays, much like roleplaying, only work wonderfully when the entire cast supports one another. If the person in the back is distracting everyone, then no one's having fun.
"Hail, Lady of the Night."
In relation to hogging the scene is creating a completely ridiculous character that's out of line with the lore of the world. You may think your halfing rogue sparkly-skinned vampire werewolf is an amazing character, but if it doesn't fit in well with the people you're roleplaying with then it's just going to be the source of annoyance. You're hogging the scene just by standing there and being completely unrealistic, and no one likes that.
Don't try to /tell me either. I hate those.
Know your lore

"Instead, be a good supporting character and understand that your role may be to aid another in their personal conflict, not make the whole story suddenly be all about you."

You must find me in person.
This one seems like a given, but you'd be surprised how many roleplayers don't bother with this. Know the lore of your world. If you don't know who Antonia Bayle is or that Freeport's Deathfist Citadel has crashed to the ground, then you need to go do some homework.
You have everything you need to find me.
Knowing your lore will give you inspiration for plotlines, inspiration for your character, and things to roleplay about. Maybe you'll find an in-game faction that your character would love to join and support, or maybe you'll find a deity that your character would love to worship.

Lore can also give you things to roleplay about. In a world that evolves as much as the EverQuest II world does, inspiration can be as close as your home city. For example, with Overlord Lucan d'Lere vanished and Freeport mired in riots, what does your character think about the power of d'Lere? Do you still support Freeport, if you're a citizen of the city? Or are you looting and pillaging with everyone else? If you're in Qeynos, do you want to send aid to the troubled people of Freeport to lure them to your side, or do you want to launch a full scale assault against the evil empire?

If you need some lore resources, there are some great ones out there. I personally recommend the Stratics lore page, The Athenaeum Lore Library, and, of course, the Lore and History area of the main community forums.

The Community Post of the Week -- Makin' the Moolah

As always, we end out with this week's forum thread, which concerns how to put platinum in your pockets. New player Dank has asked for help with making money, and the EQII Community has given some amazing advice on how to make sure you're not broke. Check it out and be sure to add in your own advice!

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