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Breakfast Topic: What do you do after raids?

Matt Low

Raiding can be serious business. As a GM of my own guild, what happens after raids can be just as important as what happens during raids. The first thing I do is hit the blacksmith and make sure all my gear is repaired for the next day. As an enchanter, I need to ensure that the new gear that drops in the raid is enchanted. The benefit of the new random dungeon system? We have surplus enchanting materials. It is all handed out free of charge usually. If we have the gems, we'll provide those in addition to whatever consumables we have as required.

In any event, raiding for me doesn't end after everything is called. I need to check out the banks and make sure we have enough raiding stocks for the next day. Not only that, as I mentioned, everyone that gets near gear will be looking for me to enchant their stuff. Lastly, logs are uploaded to World of Logs and WoW Meter Online for perusal later to see where everyone else is at. I know I'm not the only one that stays up as a few raiders will still be awake at the time discussing things that worked and things that didn't. Others will stay in game and fish or farm for a bit. They're pumped up and have to calm down some before they can go to bed. I think athletes refer to is at the cooling down period after a big game. While I need to take care of typical GM duties after a raid, others use the time to rest and relax.

What do you do after your raid is over?

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