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My First Apple and why it rocks


I got my first Apple computer about 4 years ago. I have always been into music production, photography, and anything creative, and I had heard from lots of people that Macs worked better then PC's when it came to these things. I ended up looking on Ebay for a few weeks and eventually bought a white 13" MacBook for about $700. I got it about a week later and there was instantly a problem. The person I purchased it from did not tell me that the CD drive did not work. It would not accept any CD I tried to put in. After many attempts to try to contact the seller, I decided to take it in to my local Apple store and see how much it would be to fix.

This was my first time ever going into an Apple store and I was very surprised to learn that they had the Apple Geniuses, technicians on site at the store. I brought my computer up to them and showed them the problem I was having with the CD drive. The guy behind the counter typed in the serial number for my Mac and told me it was within its one year Apple Care warranty.

The next thing he said I was definitely not expecting. He told me because it was within its warranty they would replace the CD drive for free and it would be ready in about an hour. I was amazed! I've had computers before and never had this kind of service. When I came back to get my computer an hour later not only had they replaced the CD drive but also the keyboard which they said had a crack in it. They also explained to me that they had free workshops in the store throughout the week so that I could learn how to use all of the features on my Mac.

Over the next few weeks I ended up making many trips to the Apple store with my Mac and learned a lot from the free workshops. I learned how to use iPhoto to do some photo editing and make albums. I also learned how to make my own website using iWeb. I started bringing my Mac everywhere I went and started realizing that I could be doing so many things at once on my Mac and it never slowed down & never froze up. I used it for school to write papers and take on line classes in addition to using it for my business. I used it with Quickbooks to manage my business and used it to do audio mixing at my house. After spending my time using my MacBook I knew I would never go back to using a PC if I had the choice. Also realizing that Macs were 99 percent virus free gave me peace of mind. I never installed virus protection software and I never got a virus. I recommended many of my friends to mac as well. I told them about my amazing tech support experience and showed them my computer and all it could do.

Altogether I am very happy that I purchased my Apple computer. A year later I bought my second Apple computer. It is a Mac Pro desktop computer and I absolutely love it. I know from here on out I will continue to purchase Apple computers and refer all my friends and family to them.

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