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Spy Video TRAKR runs custom kid-built 'applications' for stopping snooping siblings in their tracks


We didn't know the toy industry was ready to jump into the app store game, but apparently' we've underestimated its fad-grabbing prowess. Wild Planet is calling its new Spy Video TRAKR remote controlled robot the first "app-enabled" toy, with special filters and routines that kids can program for the vehicle and share online. We sort of thought Lego's Mindstorms beat them to the punch on this, but we'll try not read too far into things. The bot itself is equipped with a camera that streams video to an LCD-equipped remote, and videos and stills of the TRAKR's exploits can even be stored to an SD card. Sample programs include a routine to detect an intruder, shout a few choice words at the doomed sibling out of the TRAKR's built in speaker, and scurry off into the night, but Wild Planet hopes kids will program even more imaginative routines and share them online. The bot will be available in October for $120.

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