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The Daily Grind: When did a bad game have a good idea?

Eliot Lefebvre

In a recent post, Syp of Bio Break was observing neat ideas that other games really ought to steal. One of them was the trophy system in Warhammer Online, and while he personally feels that it was implemented poorly, it's still a neat idea. As he puts it, just because you feel a game is lackluster or even bad doesn't mean its ideas were also bad.

Even if said ideas aren't very well put together, taken as pieces, it's sometimes easy to see something in a game you dislike as an aggregate that seems like a fine idea when isolated. After all, pen and paper games have historically cannibalized from games of any caliber -- why shouldn't MMOs do the same?

So today,we're asking you to think of a game that hit you as lukewarm at best and find something in there that seems like a worthy idea. Whether it's a system that's in a game focused toward a genre you don't care for or just a game that struck you as lackluster, if you played it, odds are there was still something worth porting to other games. What would you suggest?

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