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WoW Moviewatch: Shut Up and Grind


EmberIsolte and RavenSylpheG are certainly a winning combination. They've released an updated version of Shut Up and Grind. EmberIsolte's first version of this song came around in the summer, and it looks like RavenSylpheG has busted out a new video for the piece. She says it took her a while, so she may very well have been working on the video since the song's original release.

EmberIsolte nails the vocals wonderfully, which has more or less become what we expect from her. RavenSylpheG continues to do an amazing job with the machinima, creating a very distinctive, pleasing music video for the song. I think these two come together incredibly well in their work, and the styles match up perfectly. The video itself has the right kind of pop-fun feel to compliment Shut Up and Grind's irreverent lyrics.

The song itself isn't quite as catchy as Ninja Raiders, but then again, what is? It's an enjoyable song with a wonderful video. Great job!

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