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Acer's 3D, home automation-ready S5200 projector now available


Acer first slipped out word about this one last week, but it looks like its new S5200 projector is now actually available, and it packs a few more unique features than your average projector. That includes a 120Hz refresh rate and full support for 3D when paired with a compatible graphics card (and some 3D glasses, of course), along with built-in support for Creston's home automation system, which will let you operate it from afar and engage in other shenanigans. On the downside, the projector only manages a standard XGA resolution (among other decidedly average specs), so it shouldn't come as too much of surprise that Acer is pitching it more at classroom use than as one of the first real 3D options for your home theater. Then again, the £650 (or just over $1,000) price tag is certainly home theater-friendly, so go nuts if you feel like it.

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