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Alan Wake Limited Collector's Edition spotted on retailer sites with May 25 date [update]


Retailers have started listing a Limited Collector's Edition of Alan Wake, possibly in advance of an official announcement later today at Microsoft's X10 event. Both Best Buy and Wal-Mart have listings for the item, with an $80 price tag and a May 25 release date.

Wal-Mart's listing actually includes the image seen here, and details the contents of the set: a linen case "designed to resemble a hardcover book" (is this game a book or a TV show?), a 144-page book with a story written by Alan Wake and FBI dossiers included, a soundtrack disc, a token for the first DLC pack, and a disc with an Xbox Live theme and avatar.

Update: Microsoft has officially dated Alan Wake for release on May 18 and confirmed the Limited Collector's Edition.

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[Via VG247]

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