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Dell 'Lafite' enters the FCC, emerges as the Latitude E4310

Vlad Savov

Good old Dell and its FCC submissions. After the E6410 and E6510 were revealed at the start of this month, the Round Rock vendor is back with the flamboyantly named Lafite laptop, which will make its retail presence known under the more familiar moniker of Latitude E4310. Once again, we're talking about computers firmly focused on business use, as evidenced by the integrated RFID chip. The Commission disclosure also informs us of UWB, WLAN and WWAN connectivity options, though it leaves us to guess at the rest of the specs. Space for Intel (Arrandale chips, most likely) and Microsoft labels is par for the course, and we were impressed by the thin chassis profile, schematics of which you can see after the break. Can't be long to go now before we see this 13-inch ultraportable make its debut, presumably alongside a similarly upgraded E4210.

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