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Lenovo's AMD-based G455 and G555 make thrifty Stateside debut

Vlad Savov

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China may have gotten its hands on the G455A model a touch earlier, but Lenovo hasn't kept its US-based loyalists waiting too long, as today it's announcing the forthcoming availability of a pair of new additions to its G series. Sadly, the Chinese vendor hasn't furnished us with spec sheets as yet, though we can be safe in assuming the G455 and G555 will differ primarily in their screen sizes (14 versus 15 inches), and with 16:9 screen ratios advertised, they're also likely to share the 1366 x 768 resolution of the Chinese G455A. Athlon II and dual-core Turion II processor options will be available for both, with ATI Radeon HD Mobility graphics also noted, though the DirectX 10 reference means they'll be from the older 4xxx series. Still, these machines are clearly intended for the value segment -- with both becoming available in March for $449 -- and look likely to be Lenovo's answer to those looking for the basic functionality of a netbook married to a more generously proportioned screen.

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