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Runes of Magic Chapter III to arrive in May

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Runes of Magic fans will be happy to hear that Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms will be launching in May to whisk them away to a brand new continent with a shiny new level cap.

The kingdom of Dalanis is in an uproar, with a young king on the throne and a horde of schemers behind it. As players arrive to try and sort things out, they'll find a wealth of new content and features, beginning with a new level cap of 60. Players level 55 and over will learn the history of the ancient kingdom as they explore hundreds of new quests, beginning with the area of Thunderhoof Hills.

Quite a few old familiar features will be expanded and improved, and May suddenly seems pretty far off for level 55 players anxious for new challenges. An extensive sneak peek is available now, so pass some time exploring what Frogster has released so far. If you are still impatient, we're sure the Demon Lord will be happy to occupy your time until then.

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