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Survey says: Millions of Euros spent on casual games in 2009


We get it. Who wants to play an X-Station or a PlayBox when tending virtual crops and vanquishing zombie hordes is so much more appealing? At least, that seems to be the case for some Europeans, as the BBC reports players have shown their support for the casual by plunking down hundreds of millions of Euros last year.

In Great Britain alone, 13.3 million gamers enjoyed casual titles through various game portals, with 2.4 million of those users actually dipping into their piggy banks to pay while they play. This averages out to a profit of £117 per person per year -- casual gamers alone in Great Britain spent a total of £280 million. It's also reported that gaming on mobile platforms generated £170 million in the UK (which includes all of Great Britain plus Northern Ireland) last year.

Other large markets in Europe have also seen significant revenue. France tallied up £220 million in cash from casual gaming throughout 2009, while Germany doubled that total, securing £440 million from its Hasselhoff-loving populace. We guess Germany can finally be known for loving two things!

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