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Toshiba promising TransferJet equipped products by end of the year

Joanna Stern

After years of demos, it's looking like 2010 could finally be the year that TransferJet goes mainstream. Just a month after the release of the TransferJet-ready Sony VAIO F and CyberShots, Toshiba's saying that it's prepping products with the near field communication technology to hit in the second half of the year. It appears Tosh demoed the same TransferJet-compatible Qosmio that we saw at CEATEC last year, but the guys at Reg Hardware are assuming the company's lappies will be the first products to support the short-range, high-speed sharing feature. We'd still like to see some other TransferJet gadgets pop up to make this whole ecosystem worthwhile, but this is one step closer. You better not be pulling our leg, Toshiba!

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