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Zarhym: More content coming before Cataclysm patch


In response to some complaining that we were going to run out of content to play before Cataclsym; Zarhym responded that there was still a lot of content for the average player and:

With that being said, we do have some additional PvE and PvP content and changes we plan to implement prior to the release of the big Cataclysm patch and subsequent retail release of that third expansion. We'll be discussing these new features in more detail in the coming weeks.
This pretty much dashes any hopes of the expansion being released before midsummer or fall, since they wouldn't be developing any new content otherwise. Zarhym goes on to tell us that ICC will be the last tiered progression raid before Cataclysm. So we probably won't be getting the raids in the Sunwell Plateau, but we may get another Isle of Quel'danas and some more PvP fun as well.

When asked if there was going to be any more tiered or higher level gear, Zarhym sidestepped the issue by admitting he was being ambiguous. So we may have other ways than raids to get better gear after ICC. Or we may not. Still this confirmation of more content before the big pre-expansion patch is news.

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