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All but one Future publication saw circulation dip in 2009


Can you guess which of Future Publishing's nine magazines didn't lose readership in 2009? If your money was with Edge, you've got our permission to give yourself a nice big pat on the back. Go ahead, we'll wait. Done? Good. Like we were saying, the UK game mag publisher saw shrinking circulation numbers in 2009 -- the same year that saw the closure of PlayStation World by Future and the shuttering of long-running US gaming mag EGM by Ziff-Davis.

While Edge circulation numbers rose by (a somewhat meager) 109 readers, Games Master dropped by 6,636 (to 34,313), PC Zone by 7,666 (to 11,357), and Xbox World 360 by 5,156 (to 25,874). While those numbers might seem a bit on the low side, that has more to do with the smaller size/population of the UK than anything else (though, of course, dropping readership numbers don't mean good things for any publication house).

According to the report, Future blames the circulation drops on "slowing sales and ad spend [advertisers spending on print advertising]." We've dropped the entire list of circulation numbers after the break (care of the UK Audit Bureau of Circulations), should you be so inclined to peruse all the stats.

  • Edge: 29,007
  • Games Master: 34,313
  • Official Xbox 360 Magazine: 60,834
  • Xbox World 360: 25,874
  • Official Nintendo Magazine: 51,271
  • Official PlayStation Magazine: 47,033
  • PlayStation 3 Magazine: 21,224
  • PC Zone: 11,357
  • PC Gamer: 26,487

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