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Final Fantasy XIII gets two launch events in San Fran and a mess of new screens


We might normally start a post on a regional game launch event (or events, in this case) by questioning if you live in or around the geographic location in question (San Francisco), but with a game like Final Fantasy XIII, we're not entirely sure if that kinda thing matters -- we hear that FF fans can be a bit ... dedicated. That said, Square Enix is holding two separate parties celebrating the March 9 release of its next in the Final Fantasy series.

Both are limited to Square Enix Members, with the launch party on the evening of March 8 limited even further to just 50 Bronze (and up) Members while the day event is limited to "200 Members and their guests." In order to snag yourself an invite, you've gotta have one of those snazzy Square Enix Member IDs and enter the sweepstakes right here before February 23. After you hurriedly enter the contest, come right back here and check out the 20 new screenshots of FFXIII that we've dropped into a gallery below. We command you.

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