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First details emerge on EVE Online's 8th annual "Alliance Tournament"


For players and spectators alike, the annual EVE Online Alliance Tournament is one of the year's biggest highlights. Teams from dozens of player-run alliances fight it out in qualifying rounds for a chance to compete in the finals and win massive prizes. A points-based system limits the number and type of ships a team can field, putting every team on equal footing. Restrictions on the types of modules a ship can use ensure no team can buy themselves an advantage over a poorer rival. This makes the tournament a game of strategy, planning and execution. It's a refreshing change from the fleet and gang warfare that's typically found in New Eden. Massively covered Alliance Tournament 7 back in September 2009 and in their latest devblog, CCP have released a few details on the upcoming 8th tournament.

This year the tournament is taking place in June and CCP is once again planning on "spicing up" the rule-set to keep things interesting. As with last year, videos of the qualifying rounds will likely be released on YouTube and the final match will be available for viewing on a live feed with expert commentary. For those interested in helping with the tournament, CCP is looking for EVE PvP experts to do commentary on the fights and chat about them afterward. Several experts will even be flown out to CCP HQ in Reykjavik, Iceland to help with the production of the live final match. Applications must be in by the 28th, giving just over two weeks for potential experts to sign up. For details on what's required and how to apply, see CCP's latest EVE devblog. More details on the tournament's new rules and sign-up procedures are forthcoming in the next few weeks. If the camera-work and visual quality are anything like last year, this will definitely be a great tournament to watch.

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