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Halo: Reach ViDoc heads Once More Unto the Breach


Coinciding with the info avalanche at X10, Bungie has released a new Halo: Reach video documentary (aka "ViDoc"). There's something for every Halo fan here: Spartan customization, new weapons, huge maps, new music, and plenty of human-on-alien warfare. A few things to look out for include a grenade launcher, stealth kills and a Spartan actually sprinting. You'll even get an un-textured peek at the huge battles Bungie demonstrated during X10. A full squad of marines, Spartans and 30 Covenant duking it out all at once? Yes, please.

Once you pick the video apart -- and we know you will -- be sure to post your OMG megaton discoveries in the comments. Once you're done doing that, go download the ViDoc from the Xbox Live Markeplace and watch it in HD.

Shortcut: Download the 'Once More Unto the Breach" ViDoc to your Xbox 360 [via]

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