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More GDC talks: Yamaoka, Deus Ex 3, Arkham Asylum


The GDC organizers have just announced a few more of the Game Developers who will be Conferring at next month's event. Eidos Montreal art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete will offer some rare info about the upcoming Deus Ex 3 in his talk, "The Successes and Failures of Creating a Near-Future Cyberpunk Setting with a Renaissance Twist in Deus Ex 3", while new Grasshopper Manufacture hire (and former Silent Hill producer and composer) Akira Yamaoka will present a retrospective of his career at Konami.

Other new lectures include Rocksteady's David Hego on the art direction of Batman: Arkham Asylum and ngmoco's Neil Young on "Things to Unlearn Moving From Traditional Development to the New Digital World". GDC will take place in San Francisco from March 9-13.

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