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Phat Loot Phriday: Romantic Picnic Basket


Sometimes, the simplest things in game are the best. As such, I present to you an old favorite of mine: the Romantic Picnic Basket. The Romantic Picnic Basket is neither gear nor drop. Instead, it's part of the Love is in the Air event, and is actually an integral part of the achievement Lonely. (To achieve Lonely, you have to sit under the basket with another person, fall in love, and then eat chocolate. It's a very specific order of events.)

Last year, the Romantic Picnic Basket was obtained by randomly opening a Gift of Adoration. But since they've revamped the entire Love is in the Air event this year, you can now just purchase it from a vendor the same way your purchase everything else for the event. (That is to say, at a vendor.)

So what does the Romantic Picnic Basket do that's such a big deal? Well, my friends, it does the best thing in the game. It places a basket on the ground, by a wonderful pink umbrella. If you and your loved one sit at the basket and enjoy a bite to eat together you, you will both get little hearts above your heads to show your adoration.

Maybe it's just because I'm recently married, but I'm already popping this sucker out before every raid. There could be no better luck when facing new bosses than enjoying a kiss and cuddle with my wife. Take a look behind the jump and let's examine this sweet, sweet item's vital stats:

Name: Romantic Picnic Basket
Type: Sits in your backpack
Damage: Only to your heart
Attributes: On Use: Right Click to set up a romantic picnic. (3 minute cooldown.)

How to Get It: The basket can be purchased for a mere ten Love Tokens from the Lovely Merchant. If you're not sure how to obtain ten Love Tokens, be sure to check out our guide to Love is in the Air. You'll want to hurry, though, as you'll only have until February 19th, 2010 to get your Romantic Picnic Basket.

Getting rid of it: If your soul is a cold, dark place without room for love or romance, then you must delete the Romantic Picnic Basket. This item does not sell to vendors, nor does it disenchant. For as our dreams and hopes for the future can only be the enchantment of true love's call, you can't disenchant the seat of love.

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