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X10: Dead Rising 2 'Case Zero' prologue is standalone, will be game's 'demo'


Clearing up some confusion over how exactly gamers will get a hold of the Dead Rising 2 prologue, Case Zero, announced at yesterday's X10 event, developer Blue Castle Games explained to Joystiq that the term "add-on" used by Microsoft was, well, dead wrong. "It's not an add-on, because it's set before [Dead Rising 2] and you won't need [either] retail game in order to play it," the devs told us. As for pricing, they could only say that, "it won't be free, but we'll make it accessible for a lot of players."

When we asked about a possible Dead Rising 2 demo -- whether it be single- or multiplayer -- they replied, "We think the prologue is going to give gamers a good sense of how the game is going to play. We haven't announced a release date for it yet, but it's definitely before the retail game." They added, "It's not like it's a chunk of the main game -- it is unique content, so even if you want to look at it as a 'demo,' it's not. It's a unique experience."

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