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Electronic Arts takes over Dark Age of Camelot in Europe

Eliot Lefebvre

Dark Age of Camelot is under new management -- sort of. Actually, it's under new management that could more properly be termed old management, or maybe it would be better termed the original management... it's a bit complicated. After many years of the European branch of the dark Arthurian MMO being managed by GOA, the game has come under the direct control of Electronic Arts. Mythic Entertainment will be taking over the game's operation in Europe... which is what they're already doing with the game in North America, seeing as how the game is originally theirs. Like we said, the pedigree is a bit odd.

For the many players affected by the change, a pre-emptive olive branch is being offered -- all Dark Age of Camelot players being brought under their aegis will be receiving a free month of play time. The game will also be patched up to match the current North American version. No word is officially given on why the change in management was deemed necessary, although speculation is certainly possible. What this will mean for the game's future is uncertain, but the offer of a free month of play certainly helps take the edge off, as does the promise of improved synchronization between both regions.

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