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Reminder: Love is in the Blog event today


Today! Mix with the staff! Then do Love is in the Air quests! Do it!:
  • When: 5:30pm EST (2:30pm PST, 3:30pm realm time) Saturday, February 13 2010 (Show up at 5pm EST for the Meet and Greet)
  • Where: Court of the Sun fountain, Silvermoon City Zangarmarsh U.S.
  • Who: Any Horde character, any level.
  • What: Love is in the Air daily quests.
  • How: Ask Robinator, Robiness or any It came from the Blog Lurker or above for an invite to the guild.
I am so excited about the Meet and Greet. Many, many of my fellow staffers have said they will be there sometime during the pre-event mixer. We'll be hanging out by the fountain in the Court of the Sun, Silvermoon City until 5:30pm. Then we'll start the Love is in the Blog event proper.

Unlike many of our events, lower level characters may have more fun than higher ones, so there's no need to get a DK up before the event this time. If you have any other questions about It came from the Blog, please see our FAQ.

Be there!

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