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WRUP: Holiday, what holiday? edition


Another week, another weekend. What game's siren song is luring the Massively staff to their computers this holiday weekend? We wanted to know, too -- so we did the straightforward thing and asked. A few people even answered us.

  • Dan O'Halloran: Leveling my Fury in EverQuest 2 during their bonus experience weekend in anticipation of their Sentinel's Fate expansion. Exploring the Volume 3 Book 1 patch on the LotRO test servers. Delving deeper into Mirkwood on the LotRO live servers. Oh yes, and spending the three day weekend in Joshua Tree with the family. Thank the gods for in-hotel wifi.
  • Eliot Lefebvre: At the moment, I'm kind of between major things in games. Final Fantasy XI and City of Heroes both have big changes around the corner but not here quite yet, and I've just sort of idly been poking at some of my long-time single-player favorites without a great deal of vigor. I'll most likely poke a bit at both of the above games, perhaps look around and see if I can find any free trials to while away the weekends. (And if readers want to suggest something in the comments,well, I'm not saying no.)
  • Seraphina Brennan (@sera_brennan): This weekend is all about playing EQII for me. I need to take advantage of the bonus experience and get my character leveled up! Need to start getting closer to Sentinel's Fate, at least! Beyond that, I'm probably going to be preparing for this Monday's big EQII contest that we're doing. I'll be making some devious puzzles for everyone. Hopefully they will be hard, but rewarding!
  • Krystalle Voecks (@Krystalle): Planning on taking advantage of the bonus XP in EverQuest II and getting back into Age of Conan this weekend. If you see a Ratonga or Stygian stumbling around doing weird stuff like smacking into walls, that's probably (a very NyQuil-ed up) me.
  • Tateru Nino (@taterunino): Another weekend of meetings and projects in Second Life, though I'm hoping for some Champions Online and Company of Heroes time as well.
So, that's what we're doing this weekend -- now it's your turn. What are you playing this weekend?

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