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One Shots: Nostalgic

Let's face it -- one of the reasons so many enjoy Star Trek Online is due to having Star Trek on our televisions for many years. Whether you grew up with the original series, The Next Generation, DS9, or one of the other iterations, there's a wealth of story to build on that hearkens back to our favorite Trek moments. Today, we have a lovely nostalgic shot from regular Massively reader, Greeen, who writes in:

One thing that unfortunately has not been mentioned too much in reviews so far since launch of Star Trek Online is the main storyline, which can be compared to perhaps LotROs epic storyline (difficulty aside). As part of this episode storyline in STO, one encounters the ancient portal from the "City on the Edge of Forever" (mission is called "City on the Edge of Never"), [where one] time travels and gets to meet the original USS Enterprise! Despite all its implications, this gave some awesome morale boost to my crew, on the USS Nostromo II, captained by Lt. Commander Xelander.

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