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Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro hands-on

Chris Ziegler

It kinda got buried beneath the X10 mini and mini pro, but Sony Ericsson went ahead and threw us a Symbian-flavored bone this evening with the Vivaz pro. The phone's nearly a dead ringer for its non-pro doppelganger -- the original Vivaz -- but it adds a claimed 2 millimeters of thickness, which we found to be nearly imperceptible when you're holding it or gazing in its direction. We'll admit this is a better looking phone (along with the Vivaz) in person than we'd figured from the press shots, but we're still not sure we'd buy in -- the UI feels a little bit like a warmed-over S60 5th Edition, unlike the X10's thorough reworking of Android. If anything, this could very well be an N97 mini killer, especially considering the keyboard's decency -- just check out that centered spacebar! Enjoy a few more shots of the phone in Sony Ericsson's ridiculously under-lit venue (it's a nightclub, in case you couldn't tell) below.

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