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Comsys joins GSM and WiMAX into holy matrimony under Android as ComMAX CM1125

Tim Stevens

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It looks like the next generation of little green robots just got a little bit faster, with Comsys Mobile announcing its ComMAX CM1125 reference design at Mobile World Congress 2010 (and beating HTC to the punch). It'll apparently find life inside Windows Mobile handsets as well, where it will not only offer WiMAX, but bring GSM/Edge, WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth, and even FM radio to the table, all in a design with "exceptionally low power operation." It's said to be able to switch from WiMAX to Edge seamlessly, though we image that transition would feel something like being inside KITT on Turbo Boost and hitting the Emergency Braking System. No word on when we'll see phones at retail based on this design, but we'll endeavor to bring you more information on this design (as well as more Knight Rider references) as the show progresses.

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