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Execs from the big three weigh in on the current console cycle


In the five-ish years since the Xbox 360 launched, ushering in the current console generation, we've heard a whole mess of talk about this console life cycle pushing past the usual five-ish years they tend to span. Given that we're approaching the mark as we speak, MCV talked to execs from the big three and got an update on where each stands in terms of new hardware in the coming year(s). "The benefit of hardware remaining relevant for longer is the fact that it gives more developers a chance to get the very best and most out of current generation systems, rather than the cycle changing just as people have become used to maximizing a console's performance and abilities," says senior product manager at Nintendo UK Rob Lowe. "We strongly believe that there is still huge potential for both Wii and DS to continue to bring in new gamers and change rejecters' perceptions." Watch your back, rejecters!

Perhaps unsurprisingly at this point, Sony and Microsoft corroborate Lowe's claims, with VP of Sony Worldwide Studios Michael Denny adding, "Of course new hardware causes a large spike in consumer interest, but so does the launch of new, exciting games ... Modern Warfare 2 didn't need new hardware to break all the records." And with two new motion ... things coming to Sony and Microsoft's consoles -- not to mention the worldwide economy still struggling to recover from a near-meltdown -- we have to imagine that we won't be seeing any new $400 to $600 hardware anytime soon.

But hey, there's always 3D to take our money, right?

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