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Wanna play EspGaluda 2? Import the standard edition


It's been nearly half a year since we first reported that the Cave-developed shooter EspGaluda II wasn't likely to see a release outside of Japan. It looks like that's all but assured now, as Cave producer Makoto Asada gives Kotaku some importing advice. According to Asada, of the two versions of the game, only the standard edition will be region-free, meaning it will play on any Xbox 360. Meanwhile, the Limited Edition of EspGaluda II remains region locked, as Cave "didn't have enough time to get the application in before pressing," thus making the disc playable only in Japanese consoles.

So, importers beware and stay away from that Limited Edition come EspGaluda II's February 25 release. Beyond that, you could always wait to satisfy your shmup craving until the North American release of Cave's Deathsmiles instead.

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