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Allods Online launches into open beta

The time for Gibberling butt-kicking fun is upon us! Today, Allods Online launches into open beta in both the US and the EU, bringing with it the glad news that there will be no more character wipes before launch.

Players using the American servers who were in closed beta will need to download a small patch for their launchers to make them compatible with the open beta client. Those playing on the EU servers can just load the closed beta launcher and patch straight away. The servers are set to open up at 11 AM Pacific time (2 PM Eastern) today. In addition to that, players in the EU from closed beta whose characters reached at least level 17 will have first dibs on their CB names, and EU guilds of 24+ members will similarly have their names held for the first part of open beta. With that said, any names that are unclaimed by March 17th will be released back into the naming pool. No word currently on whether or not the naming nod will be carried across to the US servers as well.

So if you've been on the fence about checking out Allods Online because you didn't want to put time and effort into a character that would be wiped, now is a great time to jump in and get your free-to-play on!

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