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BioWare server maintenance makes Dragon Age unplayable for some [update]

Justin McElroy

We've been big supporters of BioWare and EA's approach to churning out lots of DLC for its new releases, but it seems to have hit a serious snag this morning. Due apparently to some scheduled downtime for BioWare's social site, players have been unable to download DLC from Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network (unfortunate, but understandable) and some have been completely unable to play Dragon Age: Origins -- kind of a big issue for a single-player game.

Near as we can figure with our limited staff testing, the Dragon Age issue might involve whether or not you chose to submit your feedback and character profile data to We'll keep up with the situation and let you know when it's resolved. The server maintenance was scheduled to end at 9 a.m. EST, so here's hoping it'll pass soon.

[Update: Judging by those same forum threads, things seem to be up and running now.]

[Thanks, requiemvalorum]

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