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Film With Fame: Watch a movie with Rob Zombie on XBL


The details
Microsoft is hosting a special Game with Fame event in which a few lucky Xbox owners will be able to watch a movie with Rob Zombie over Xbox Live. That film, unsurprisingly, is the unrated version of Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects. All you have to do is rent (SD 240/$3, HD 360/$4) or purchase (SD 800/$10, HD 1440/$18) the film from Zune Marketplace and send a friend request to RobZombie GWF. The event starts on Friday, February 19 at 8:00pm ET. If you get a party invite, then you get to watch "a selected segment" of the film with Rob Zombie, who will provide "a live director's commentary on the cruel and sadistic activities of the Firefly family."

The grim reality that sets in if you win
Now you have to think of something to talk about with Rob Zombie.

The grim reality for Rob Zombie
Two hours of people asking when White Zombie is getting back together.

[Via G4TV]

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