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Gobandit GPS HD action camcorder captures your exploits, top speed (video)

Tim Stevens

Regardless of how sharp the footage captured from your most recent extreme endeavor looks, chances are it won't seem as fast as it felt at the time. Soon, though, you'll have some hard proof to back up your tall tales with the waterproof gobandit GPS HD. It has an integrated GPS module that logs your position as you film with it, enabling you to view your course on a map and, most interestingly, apply some overlays to the resulting footage, showing your current speed, top speed, and altitude. Video is captured at a maximum of 720p30, though 5 megapixel stills can be grabbed automatically at two or five second intervals. 2GB of memory is built into the cam, but SDHC support means up to 32GB of footage from the side of your lid. Thrill-seekers can get their pre-order on now ahead of an April release, but with an MSRP of £299.99 ($470) we'll probably stick with our GoPros, our ContourHDs, and our wild claims about triple-digit speeds. Extreme teaser video after the break.

Update: We got an e-mail from the folks at gobandit informing us that they're targeting a rather more palatable US MSRP of $389 ahead of an eventual release here.

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