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Macworld 2010: TMO's Dave Hamilton and IDG's Paul Kent


Along with meeting readers and having a place to stash our laptops, one of the other novel pleasures of having a booth on the show floor this year was the serendipity of having our friends and colleagues in the Mac community walk on by -- just so that we could pounce upon them and interview them on video. Case in point: late on Saturday afternoon, we enlisted Dave Hamilton of The Mac Observer, Backbeat Media & the Mac Geek Gab for a quick chat, only to be unexpectedly joined by his bandmate-slash-Macworld Expo general manager, Paul Kent.

Dave & Paul each shared their impressions of the show, the expectations of vendors and attendees for next year, and the secret of putting together a great cover band when you only get one rehearsal before each gig. It's fair to say that the outlook for Macworld 2011, from their perspective, is much brighter now than it was in the leadup to this year's show.

Thanks to both Dave and Paul for joining us for the final livestreaming session of the week. Although this is the last interview we recorded on Saturday, it's far from the last one you'll be seeing here on TUAW; we have a shelf-ful of great conversations that will be posted to the site over the next few days.

Dave Hamilton interview:

Paul Kent interview:

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