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Nokia N900 gets new firmware, new games coming too (video)

Tim Stevens

If your N900 is in need of a little more excitement, this post is for you. First up is word of a new firmware release (3.2010.02-8 (PR 1.1.1)), 16.2MB worth of apparently minor changes along with a slew of new regions, the inclusion of which may mean good things for those who haven't been granted to this smartphone yet. If that's not enough for you, at MWC Nokia is showing off some new apps for the handset, the most notable being a couple of 3D games that look a wee bit simplistic in terms of gameplay but don't disappoint in terms of graphics. No word on when exactly these will be hitting Ovi Store -- well, nothing more specific than "soon." Video after the break (of the games, not the firmware update).

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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