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The Daily Grind: Hey big spender!

Eliot Lefebvre

Gil. Gold. Adeena. ISK. Influence. Infamy. Chips. Crowns. Whatever the game calls it (and there are a lot more words aside from those) money is an important part of most MMOs. Much like money in the real world, it generally follows three simple rules: you need it, you don't have enough of it, and you can't get it fast enough. And we all deal with it in our own way.

But when the time comes, almost every one of us will pony up seemingly astronomical sums for that one thing. It might be a mount, maybe weapons or armor, perhaps a piece of furniture in a game with player housing. Whatever the item is, the cost of obtaining it becomes a non-obstacle, and your cash display turns into a new experience bar that you need to fill for your precious treasure.

So, what was your biggest purchase? Was it something that was once expensive but now cheap, or is it still pricey as ever? Were you happy to have it or regretful at blowing your bankroll? And perhaps most importantly, do you still have it and use it, or has it long since been replaced?

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